Abbey Fruit — our fresh produce processing and packing facility

We process and pack all of our produce at Abbey Fruit

We built our reputation by providing excellent products along with consistent service and exemplary deliveries.

We supply 100% of some of Marks & Spencer’s UK product lines and this is only because our facility and processes are first class and meet all of M&S's exacting requirements


Abbey Fruit was established in 1999 and is located in Arbroath, Scotland. We operate 12 months of the year and we have a very talented and experienced, full time workforce. 

Expertise & Capability

As a grower-packer, we have a very streamlined structure and little time is wasted getting the produce from our fields, processed at Abbey Fruit, then dispacted to retailers shelves. 

We have experience processing a wide range of fruit, vegetable and salad products.

Our customers include:

We currently supply Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Waitrose and Asda. We also supply food service and wholesale companies.


Abbey fruit has an on-going investment in first class equipment and facilities, helping us optimise the production process. We are always looking to invest in innovative equipment and processes. 

We have a multi-purpose facility, which has high- care and multi temperature controlled environments, (including frozen), as well as high humidity chills, rapid cooling tunnels and sunken loading docks.

Abbey Fruit —
Arbroath, Scotland.

Abbey Fruit
Kirkton Industrial Estate
Arbroath, Scotland
DD11 3LR

+44 (0) 1241 436200

Key Contacts:
Packhouse Manager: Ainslee Swankie
Office Manager: Aneta Kauszel