M&S sprouts
We supply all of Marks and Spencer's UK trimmed sprouts

A happy M&S sprout buyer

Peter with some super sprouts!
Our seaside climate helps reduce pests and disease levels, allowing us to produce the UK's finest quality sprouts

Our Sprouts —
The UK's best

Our sprouts are packed with goodness and are super healthy. Our sprouts are also very mild tasting so no need to over cook them!

We start harvesting sprouts in August and finish late April. We supply over 10 million sprouts to M&S over Christmas each year! 

Our coastal location has very low disease and pest levels - providing us with the the longest shelf-life in the UK.

"All of our sprouts are hand-trimmed and selected to ensure each one is perfect!"

Key Contacts:
Farm Manager: Gary Bruce

+44 (0) 1241 871310