P.J. Stirling is one of Scotland's largest fruit growers, with plenty of work normally available.
All the fruit is covered by large tunnels, so work is not stopped by wet weather.
One of Scotland's largest fruit growers
We're situated close to the picturesque town of Arbroath, in NE Scotland.

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The firm of P. J. Stirling is one of Scotlands largest fruit & vegetable farming businesses. We grow high quality fruit & vegetables on our farms around the town of Arbroath. These are then packed and prepared for the UK's premier supermarkets at our fresh produce factory, Abbey Fruit (www.abbeyfruit.co.uk)


Our company aspires to produce the finest quality produce, grown in an environmentally responsible manner. We aim to farm in harmony with nature and provide habitat for wildlife. We endeavour to provide a happy & safe environment for our employees.


We have work available 12 months of the year, but our busiest time of year is between May & September when our fruit crops are harvested. If you are interested in employment opportunities with our company, please look through our website for more details. We endeavour to provide a happy & safe environment for our employees to work in.

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