We supply M&S, Waitrose and Tesco with our delicious, sweet strawberries

Heated Tunnels
We have the longest supply of strawberies in Scotland, producing from March to December each year

Our Strawberries —
Farming in harmony with nature.

It's often said our strawberries are the best people have ever tasted. We have even been asked to start supplying our delicious strawberries to Italy.


One of the reasons our strawberries taste so good, is our ideal location next to the sea. Our summers are never too hot, so the berries grow slowly and big! They also get lots of extra seaside sunshine, which provides an extra sweet taste. 

“We are only interested in producing the best quality strawberries - we would rather grow less but have the best quality. We want to ensure our customers get consistanly good strawberries and have happy experience every time" 

Key Contacts:
Fruit Manager: Kenny Shellard

+44 (0) 1241 871310